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And since I'm at it I will also make this a Defriending Amnesty Day, as people call it. That day is actually on all the time in this journal, but as much as I use this journal for fannish stuff I also use it a lot for serious business too, and since I get emotional over stuff that serious business isn't going to go away. So if that's not what you're into then that's okay by me. (Just as a note, this wasn't inspired by anything specific. Just thought I'd make some stuff clear.)
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Yesterday, the news were saying that the attack was just a thoughtless attack and there was probably no hate behind it (WTF), but today people have come to their senses and it's being investigated as a hate crime. At least twenty people were affected, including children, and it was the first attack of its kind in Finland. All info from this article (in Finnish again), which includes a picture. About which I have this to say: That much smoke and the attack was just a thoughtless one-time thing? Please!

I've been reading news about what's been going on at Prides this year, and maybe I just haven't paid enough attention to things (very possible since I tend to stick my head in the sand), but it seems like there was a lot more violence going on this year than the last, and I wondered if that was going to show in Finland too. How sad that I was proved right.

ETA: It's actually over thirty victims, including a 1-year old child, and at least five more people yet have to be caught. The police describe it as carefully planned attack now, though really, gas in the face. How can an attack like that not be deliberately done?
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Today there was a Pride Parade in Helsinki (which I didn't directly participate this time, although I helped out as a volunteer), and during the parade the participants were attacked with pepper gas and smoke bombs. Apparently the people responsible were caught trying to hide the spray, but FUCKING HELL. A Finnish article here, and of course the first comment belongs to a whiner who feels it's awful that they had to sit in a streetcar decorated by rainbow flaqs.
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A short round-up of things.

- The news about Supernatural-fandom's latest fail has spread far and wide, but since one more link doesn't hurt, here's one to the best summary about what is going on. A short description: An author writes a Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki RPF in which they have sexy times in Haiti, and actual people of Haiti are exploited on the side. The author is called out on it, the author gets defensive. Discussion is had. I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said better by many others (such as here), but I think this kind of a story would have completely passed the radar completely in a smaller fandom, so the fact that it's talked about in the first place is pretty damn good.

- There has also been discussion about the exploitative side of hurt/comfort fiction, and while hurt/comfort is a total id genre and therefore incredibly appealing to me, after years of reading fetishistic Cloud-fic in FF7-fandom all I can say is ABOUT DAMN TIME. This and this are great posts about the subject.

- As far as real life politics go, Finland will soon have its second female prime minister, and perhaps even more importantly, its first female bishop. Female bishop who also happens to support same-sex marriages, which makes her very awesome.

- As far as real life politics further go, the trial against Prop 8 is ending soon. There is only one proper ending for that trial and that is that Prop 8 GOES DOWN.


Apr. 18th, 2010 11:06 pm
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Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells their home. (Article doesn't seem to be available at the moment, but I re-posted the contents in this post.)

I also commented about this to [ profile] rosehiptea in her post, and she pointed out that since gay marriages are illegal in California this could happen to a lot more people. Maybe even marriage isn't enough to prevent this kind of crap from happening, but maybe it would help if these kind of rights weren't taken away in the first place. Or if we didn't question the right to these rights at all. Wouldn't it be great if it was so?!
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Everybody has probably heard about this already, but thought I'd post anyway since it's great.

Obama orders hospital visitation rights to gays and lesbians, meaning they can have non-family visitors and that their partners can have the medical power of attorney.

It's a little sad that this required presidential action in the first place, but then again it's great that the President in question wanted to take that action in the first place. Human compassion for the win!

ETA: Another great thing is the single mother's manifesto from J.K. Rowling.
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Apparently the Easter week is good for coming out, which is why both Ricky Martin and Anna Paquin decided to do it. As somebody who loves both of them (happy non-angsty music! Sookie and Rogue!) I have two things to say:

1) Congrats!

2) People who think both coming-outs were pointless can shut it.

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Also, quick thoughts on Lost, Fringe and S4 House:

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I owe [ profile] mrasaki few memes, but here's a serious post first.

[ profile] sparkindarkness has a link round-up about all the attacks on LGBT youth and children lately, and it's all extremely depressing to read, but also extremely necessary. People can indeed be this evil. Knowing that, no matter how disheartening, is better than not.

In addition to this Pink News just reported about an US school canceling the prom just so that a lesbian student and her girlfriend can't go there. Because two girls spending some romantic time together is apparently the most horrible thing in the world. I don't even.

Meanwhile, Syfy has attempted to put up a character profile for Gwen from Merlin, and has managed to be massively offensive. The most baffling line: Not even the most charitable person could call her beautiful. As in nobody could call this woman beautiful. AS IN WHAT.

And last but not least, Washington DC legalized gay marriages. Yay! The Washington Post made an article with a picture of two guys kissing, and apparently people began to cry about it. The Washington Post's response? Awesome.

"News photos capture reality. And the prominent display reflects the historic significance of what was occurring. The recent DC Council decision to approve same-sex marriage was the culmination of a decades-long gay rights fight for equality."

Ray of hope =
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First, this is how I feel about Maine's little vote.

Second, I'd like to make one thing clear.

My idea of gay rights involves gays having all the same rights as heterosexuals, unconditionally, with no compromises nor exceptions. Please fuck off if you have a problem with this.
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Aug. 6th, 2009 10:44 pm
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Gay marriage debates usually get me agitated, so it was nice to run into something funny instead.


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