Mar. 11th, 2010

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I owe [ profile] mrasaki few memes, but here's a serious post first.

[ profile] sparkindarkness has a link round-up about all the attacks on LGBT youth and children lately, and it's all extremely depressing to read, but also extremely necessary. People can indeed be this evil. Knowing that, no matter how disheartening, is better than not.

In addition to this Pink News just reported about an US school canceling the prom just so that a lesbian student and her girlfriend can't go there. Because two girls spending some romantic time together is apparently the most horrible thing in the world. I don't even.

Meanwhile, Syfy has attempted to put up a character profile for Gwen from Merlin, and has managed to be massively offensive. The most baffling line: Not even the most charitable person could call her beautiful. As in nobody could call this woman beautiful. AS IN WHAT.

And last but not least, Washington DC legalized gay marriages. Yay! The Washington Post made an article with a picture of two guys kissing, and apparently people began to cry about it. The Washington Post's response? Awesome.

"News photos capture reality. And the prominent display reflects the historic significance of what was occurring. The recent DC Council decision to approve same-sex marriage was the culmination of a decades-long gay rights fight for equality."

Ray of hope =


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