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It's Yuletide-reveal time, so I reveal myself as the writer of Good Year In Fucknutsville, a politics RPF fic starring Rahm Emanuel, Barack and Michelle Obama. Not my usual fandom, not my usual couple-formation form, but it has heart and soul, so I'm content with it. Should find time to hone it a little at some point, though. But here it is.

Title: Good Year In Fucknutsville
Fandom: Politician RPF
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rahm Emanuel gets to know the First Couple.
Disclaimer: The story has absolutely no contact with reality and therefore shouldn't been seen as something that has contact with reality.

Good Year In Fucknutsville )
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[profile] mrasaki, thank you so very much for the LJ coupon! It was a wonderful surprise and muchly appreciated. ♥

Meanwhile, Yuletide has been extremely kind to be this year and given me two more gifts in the Madness!

Luckiest guy in the world. is a Cal/Chloe-ficlet for Harper's Island, and it made me all soft and melty inside just all things Cal/Chloe in the show did. It's the story of how Cal decides to marry Chloe, and it's now my personal canon.

Beelzebub Has A Devil Put Aside for Me is a Secret Six-gen with Deadshot and Scandal, set right after Unhinged. Awesome Deadshot-voice and awesome look at Scandal through him. The Queen-reference in the title is an awesome little bonus.

Now, my concentration is worse than ever these days, so I probably won't do much reading this year. But here's a few recs.

First there's Sisters of Bilhah, Handmaid's Tale-fic about a woman who helps out refugees from Gilead, and about refugees she meets. Both the prose and the atmosphere are in perfect sync with the Atwood's original, only this one has a touch of hope in it.

Then we have Impetus, a Good Wife-fic about Alicia and how she gets out of Peter's shadow, and how she gets from Will and Cary to Kalinda. Beautiful and sensual character study.

a little brown haired bride is a Mad Men-fic about Peggy, about her wants and what they exactly are. It also offers some Peggy-filtered insight into Don, Pete and Duck, and it's all wonderfully spot-on.

And last but not least for this post, The Midnight Special is a Lackadaisy-fic about Mordecai and Viktor, about how Mordecai becomes wanted for murder and how he and Viktor become friends. An awesome background story for an awesome character.

ETA: And on a totally unrelated note JESUS WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING


Dec. 25th, 2009 04:28 pm
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Working on the ficlet requests, and the posting shall happen in the weekend. In the meanwhile, Yuletide has been very kind to me, and I have three stories!

The first is The Rabbit and the Hare, a Tudors-fic featuring Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell and delicious powerplay. Subtle and beautifully written, and it made miss both of the characters a lot.

The second is Eudaimonia, a Sarah Connor Chronicles-fic with James Ellison and John Henry, who discuss virtues and what they are, and it's exactly as tense as it should be. Again I found myself missing what is lost, which in this case is the entire show.

And the last but not least, the third is Begun In Wine, a Secret Six-fic in which Jeannette and Scandal meet for the first time, and it's exactly how awesome friendships should begin. Nothing like some femgen to make a holiday.

As for my own story, my recipient expressed their approval over their journal, and that makes me very happy. I have to say, though, the sheer size of Yuletide these days is starting to get a little too intimidating for me.

More thoughts on that )
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Initial reaction:


In other words, a typical Yule-year for me. I can't wait to get started!
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Dear Santa/Yulegoat/Yuletide Participant Who's Writing For Me,

Letter )
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..and it's time for Yuletide-reveal! My story for this tear was On Fate and Flight of Time, a French Revolution RPF (or historical fic, whatever term you prefer) about Camille Desmoulins and Georges Danton during the last months of their lives. It wasn't very popular, but I think it's probably the most honed story I've ever written for Yuletide. So it should have showed on a lot more rec lists, damn it.

Title: On Fate and Flight of Time
Fandom: French Revolution
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Danton and Desmoulins share a drink while time runs out on them. Georges Danton/Camille Desmoulins.
Disclaimer: This story is not a historical fact, although it features historic people.

On Fate and Flight of Time )
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My awesome Yuletide-gift!

The Enemy of My Enemy

It's a Deadwood-fic starring Swearengen, Bullock and Tolliver, a gen with an undercurrent of slash in form of Swearengen/Bullock. It's written like a scene from an actual episode, and I had no trouble visualizing the entire story in my mind, or settling into Al's unique head. A real Christmas-treat, this.

More recs to come later, but I can say already now that Bible- and Fairytale-sections are once again filled with goodness, and Titanic-stories are also worth checking out. Hooray Yuletide!
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I really need to stop with these last-minute posts.
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I've been waiting to post this for hours! New realm of pathetic has been reached, I'm sure.

Anyway, author reveal is on in Yuletide, so I reveal. My Yuletide-fic this year was Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore, Comics Industry RPF with subtle Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman. I'm not much of a RPF-fan myself, but since it isn't out of my writing realm, I offered a couple of RPF-fandoms this year (mostly historic, but also some actor fandoms) and ended up with Comics Industry. My biggest problem with the story turned out to be focusing on one idea only instead of wandering off to try out other ones, and the final story ended up using a lot of material from these stray ideas. As much trouble as it gave me, however, I was really fond of the story in the end. It's kinda odd. I kinda love it. So, here it is.

Title: Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore
Fandom: Comics Industry
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Friendship with Alan Moore is often perky. The story of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.
Disclaimer: The story has absolutely no contact with reality.

Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore )

To all my reviewers: Most of the comments weren't e-mailed to me, so I want to thank all those I can't reply directly to here. I'm really happy for all the feedback I got, and I'm really glad you liked the story.
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Yuletide goes on. But first, a couple of vid recs:

Bionic, by [ profile] tallulah71

Multi-fandom. Bionic is, simply put, a vid about women kicking ass and taking names. Ladies such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Jean Grey can be seen taking action here. The sheer energy in this vid made me smile for a long time after I saw it.

3 AM Call, by [ profile] shati

Heroes, Niki-centric. A wonderful character portrait of Niki Sanders, a character who is misused and abused by the show canon far more than it's fair. I love that fans seek to understand her when the writers themselves don't.

And now, a couple of more Yuletide-recs:

- Every single story in the Profit-category. They're all just that good. Help Wanted is my personal favorite.

- Everything in the Commercials-section, too. Many strange, brilliant stories there. If you want your brain to break, how about some Toucan Sam/Trix-slash? Commercial Pet Trix might be exactly what you need.

- The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down, a smart, awesome and brilliant fic for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Toons are out of work now that the "digis" have taken over. Is that enough to drive someone to murder?

- And to finish with more serious note, Five Times the Meade Brothers Lost an Argument with Their Father is an amazing Ugly Betty-fic about Bradford, Alex and Daniel, and how everything's messed up between them. Awesome look at my favorite family.


Dec. 25th, 2007 08:58 pm
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Yuletide lives, and this year I was lucky enough to get two stories all for myself. First is Returning to the Scene, a Gotham Central-fic in which Renee goes to greet her old friends at Gotham Central. The character interaction in the story is delightful, and it's always good to see fic about Renee. The second story, His heir, is Spider-Man-story in the comicverse, with Norman/Peter (Green Goblin/Spider-Man)-pairing. I prefer my hero/villain-pairings dark, and dark is exactly what I get here. Both stories were very delightful and I enjoyed them a lot.

Now, a couple of other recs from this year's harvest:

One Little Ewe Lamb, a Bible-based story that tells the story of Batsheva in a very painful, but realistic way. Very short, but it sliced straight through my heart. Another Bible-fic that I really liked was Sweet, Salt, and Bitter, an unusual take on the Rachel/Leah-sisterhood. (Warning for incest. Not my usual thing, but it works here.)

In fact, go and check out all Bible-fic in the archive. It's all wonderful.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten, Simpsons-fic in which Milhouse is all grown up. This is how you make Simpsons realistic and succeed.

The Colour of Poison Berries, a Little Red Ridinghood-retelling. I like the not-so-soft heroine in this, and the language in this is really lovely. Swansong, on the other hand, is a lovely take on H.C Andersen's The Wild Swans.

The Bright Light of Shipwreck, the side to Medusa's story that we didn't see in the actual Greek Mythology. Another story with beautiful prose, and the last scene is especially poignant.

And in my last year's fandom, Batman Begins, we have the incredible Lodestone, a dark look in the life of Jim Gordon in Gotham. I especially like how Gordon sees Batman in this story.


Dec. 18th, 2007 02:51 pm
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Yuletide. Finally. POSTED.

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Random things, first: Smallville and Supernatural both rocked this week. I'm content. Now all I have to do is avoid fandom. (Especially the latter. Get over your cootie fright already.)

And now, the main event:


So you, the lovely person who's writing for me? In case you're around, here's a letter to you.
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Dear Santa,

Hi! )
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So, the Yuletide-writers have been revealed, and I can come out as the author of And The City Is Full of Light, a Batman Begins-story for myystic. My gift-story, on the other hand, was written by laylah, whose stories I've read and enjoyed before. She wrote Toward Home, for example, which is a deliciously smutty Cloud/Tifa.

Anyway, I have always posted my Yuletide-story in my LJ once it's allowed, and I'm going to do so now. Section VI has been slightly modified because there was, embarrassingly enough, a word missing from the original story (thank you, resmin, for letting me know!). For some reason it was really difficult for me to post the story last year without fucking it up.

Title: And The City Is Full of Light
Fandom: Batman Begins
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Batman isn't the only one on a mission.

And The City Is Full of Light )

To all my reviewers: Thank you so much for all your comments! I honestly hadn't expected so much positive feedback, and I'm really glad that the story worked for you. I would also like to thank all those people who reviewed my stories on the two previous years, as I've been too insensitive to do it before. You people rock!
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My Yuletide-story has been well received, which makes me happy. I was really insecure about the story when I posted it, especially because I managed to fuck up the upload and ended up extra paranoid about whether it was posted in time or not, but it worked out fine in the end.

Anyway, I got an account from FicWad a couple of days ago (click click click!), and I've thought about getting accounts from other sites as well, including the Pit of Voles. I've stuck to LJ only for a long time, so maybe it's time to spread out a little.
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My dear Yuletide-Santa,

I posted a comment to your gorgeous Mother Bear earlier today, but because it looks like you didn't get that comment after all, I want to let you know that I absolutely loved your story. It was beautifully written, to the point that I couldn't even state just how beautiful it was, and I really liked your take on Artemis. She tends to come off as rather cool character in myths, but you made her very warm and loving. Thank you for writing it.

With lots of hugs and squee,
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