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Vid recs! All vids from [community profile] festivids.

Birds of Prey, Fringe, Leverage, Profit, Sounds of Music, Twin Peaks, The Vampire Diaries )

As an extra, I also have a vid rec for Dexter. It's about Rita.

Spoilers for the S4 finale )
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I've been vid-watching again, so here are some recs. All feel-good goodness in this post.

Iron Man

Bionik, by [ profile] balistik94

The editing in [ profile] balistik94's vids is always crazy-smooth (as in HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE), and this one is no exception. An awesome summary of what made the movie so fun.

Elevation, by [ profile] andrastewhite

Another awesome vid that sums up the movie, but in a different way. This really captures the "whee cool technology!" side of the movie, which was one of my favorite things about it in the first place.

The Obamas

Say Hey (I Love You), by [ profile] sdwolfpup

The Obamas being awesome. That's all that needs to be said about this one.

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Sexy Hell, by [ profile] bradcpu

Confession out first: I have no clue what the hell is happening on this one. But I know that it was hilarious as hell. Priceless crack.
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It's been a while since I've done one of these, but there's no way I'm going to ignore a Fight Club-vid that is set to Britney Spears's Circus.

Circus, by genrocks

Circus seems to be a very multipurpose song for vidding, but it's still eerie how well it fits Fight Club; the song is about performing but the performer isn't really in control (I saw a great article that dealt with this more smartly, but of course I've lost the link) and Fight Club is about a guy who tries to become empowered, and the vid is all about these two things going together in perfect sync. A great two minutes of WTF.

Vid Recs

Aug. 20th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Haven't done recs in a while, so I thought I'd fix that.

Onyx, by [ profile] balistik94

Multifandom. A great tribute to black characters in movies, such as Storm from X-Men, Barret from FFVII/Advent Children and Morpheus from the Matrix-movies. Slick and stylish.

Ladies Night, by [ profile] counteragent

Another multifandom vid, this time with focus on various female characters from different shows/movies, from Buffy to Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. Professional competence is sexy, as vidder's own description goes. Fun and feel-good.

Sorry, by [ profile] keewick

Smallville, Lana-centric. Lana has a few words to say to Clark and Lex. Fantastic character study for a character who gets too much too easily in fandom's eyes, though it honestly isn't so. Stargate Atlantis-fans might also like 32 from the same post, which is a lovely vid about Teyla.
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So, AfterEllen and AfterElton have posted their lists of 100 hottest women and men. Brief thoughts:

cut for the extreme shallow )

And some recs.

Breathe Me, by [ profile] cryptictac. House MD, House-centric. A beautiful vid about fragility of life, love and friendship. Spoilers for the season finale.

SexyBack, by [ profile] cryptictac. House MD, House/Cuddy. A remix of Cuddy's stripping scene in House's Head. Short, but fun.

Sundrenched World, by [ profile] talitha78. Smallville, Clark/Lana. A bittersweet vid about the mystery of loving Lana, from Clark's point of view.

Fifth Circle, by [ profile] sockkpuppett. Supernatural, Sam & Dean. A vid about mythic existence of Sam and Dean? Not sure how to explain this one. But it's gorgeous.
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I looked at my vid recs tag and began to feel like I go a little over the top with the recs at times. So here's a funny vid.

The Disney Cell Block Tango, by Lux061091. Six famous Disney villains perform the Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago. A little overlong, but with some really genius moments.

Meanwhile, here's a link to Yoram Shpirer's gallery, who is a nature photographer. I liked the wildlife section the best.
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Snow White Queen, by bohemianstar13

Smallville, Lana Lang/stalkers.longish thoughts on vid and fandom )

edit:: Second interesting vid I ran into lately was this:

Birthday, by Emong111

Ring 0, Sadako-centric. This vid is basically a summary for the movie, telling the story of how the series antagonist, Sadako Yamamura, became who she is. The vid uses a song from The Ring/The Ring Two OST, and scenes from the movie have been edited together to match the changes in the song. This was really lovely to watch, and I haven't even seen this particular movie.
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We all know how Dead or Alive is about jiggling breasts, right? And how Tetsuya Nomura likes his female characters skimpily dressed? And no matter how powerful these women are, they still don't get to be as bad-ass as men? Right?

But.. what if they did?

Dead Fantasy I
Dead Fantasy II

Starring Yuna and Rikku from FFX, Tifa from FFVII, Rinoa from FFVIII, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, Ayane, Kasumi and Hitomi from Dead or Alive and Rachel from Ninja Gaiden.

So, women from Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy fighting each other may be the fanboy wet dream material, and I'm sure this is exactly that, but that doesn't mean it can't be also be extremely awesome. And these movies are that. The animation is just beautiful, to the point I could easily see the movies as trailers to actual games, and the fighting choreographs, special moves and spells.. hard to find words for them, seriously. Many of the characters present in the movies are the ones who get no slack from fandom and no recognition from their own canons, and as amazing as it is to see them get the kind of portrayal they deserve, it's frustrating to know that it will take a while until we really see a game like this. Which is a pity, because this really works. More this, less milking of the popular males.
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I have a feeling this vid has been recced just about everywhere already, but I guess one more won't hurt. Improper Dancing, by [ profile] marycrawford is a fun, feel-good vid with a little slash in it. Fandoms used in this one are plentiful, but just for examples it has popular fandoms like Farscape, Star Wars, Xena: Warrior Princess and Due South, as well as lesser known fandoms such as Indiana Jones, The Sting and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And now, something more sentimental: Darkwing Duck used to be one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, and the wonderful relationship between Darkwing and Gosalyn was just one of the things I loved about it. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up), by Villaness, is a lovely vid about Darkwing and Gosalyn, the good times and the bad. I suppose I should be cringing at the Josh Groban-song, and spitting hatred at a Disney-show. Well, I'm not going to. Softie at the heart and all.
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Ever since Women's Work (which tends to be brought up over and over again in this journal), I've looked forward to somebody making a similar vid about BtVS. As feminist as Joss may be, claiming there's never been anything off about his work is just silly. This vid is more about race than gender, but I have that vid now.

Origin Stories, by [ profile] giandujakiss

This vid is a gen about Slayers other than Buffy, about Kendra who was a Slayer along with Buffy before Faith, about Xin Rong and Nikki Wood, Slayers who fought the good fight before they met Spike. It's about First Slayer who was forced to accept demonic power inside her by men, and Dana who tried to do her job and was taken down by Angel and his men instead. It's also about Robin Wood, who continued the battle of his mother and sought to avenge her, only to be put in his place by Spike and Buffy. The vid serves as commentary of race issues in Buffy, and does a great job of driving the point home. As as much as I'm emphasizing certain names here, I recommend this vid also to non-fans. I believe it's obvious that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a very white show. After this, it's even more obvious.
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First, a non-fandom rec: A nasty little Valentine's greeting from Psyop. Very violent, so proceed with care.

And now, the main course.

Piece of Me, by [ profile] obsessive24

RPF, Britney Spears. The idea of a real person vid was a new one for me, and I was very curious about whether this would work for me or not. In the end I was surprised just how well. Using both Britney's music videos and real life material, the vid is an interesting study of how Britney is portrayed in the media, and shows her in sympathetic light. Clever and effective.
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Soon on Bof Chanel: Hundred Ways Scorpius/Crichton Kicks Sephiroth/Cloud's Sorry Ass.

/things that are not going to happen

I've done some reccing at [ profile] halfamoon, which is a fourteen day challenge dedicated to female characters in fandom. It's going to last until February 14th, but since other people are faster, I'll probably be out of recs. So here's what I did.

Vid Recs: BTVS, Buffy
Vid Recs: Critical Vids
Vid Recs: Multi-fandom
Fic Recs: Bible
Fic Recs: Harry Potter
Fic Recs: Fairytales, Profit and Kill Bill
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So, what if I wanted to convert somebody to femslash? I would use these two vids.

1 Xena, 1 Smallville )

And now, something different: Few links back in time, to my first experiences with fanfic.

Star Wars, my love! )
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Yuletide goes on. But first, a couple of vid recs:

Bionic, by [ profile] tallulah71

Multi-fandom. Bionic is, simply put, a vid about women kicking ass and taking names. Ladies such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Jean Grey can be seen taking action here. The sheer energy in this vid made me smile for a long time after I saw it.

3 AM Call, by [ profile] shati

Heroes, Niki-centric. A wonderful character portrait of Niki Sanders, a character who is misused and abused by the show canon far more than it's fair. I love that fans seek to understand her when the writers themselves don't.

And now, a couple of more Yuletide-recs:

- Every single story in the Profit-category. They're all just that good. Help Wanted is my personal favorite.

- Everything in the Commercials-section, too. Many strange, brilliant stories there. If you want your brain to break, how about some Toucan Sam/Trix-slash? Commercial Pet Trix might be exactly what you need.

- The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down, a smart, awesome and brilliant fic for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Toons are out of work now that the "digis" have taken over. Is that enough to drive someone to murder?

- And to finish with more serious note, Five Times the Meade Brothers Lost an Argument with Their Father is an amazing Ugly Betty-fic about Bradford, Alex and Daniel, and how everything's messed up between them. Awesome look at my favorite family.
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I like crossovers. I like AUs. I don't like most crossovers and AUs because they usually suck, but when they're well-done, I might as well be in heaven. Therefore these two vids with constructed realities were real treats to run into.

If We Shadows Have Offended...

House/Dead Poets Society, Wilson-centric. Wow, it's a well-done crossover! )

or, Adventures in Reading Against the Text

Heroes-gen, with focus on Claire, Niki and Monica. How to honor your show's female characters )

Now, a question: I use VCL media player to watch vids. Now, when I press "play", the vid starts playing as usual, but for some reason no matter what form it is, there is no sound for the first few seconds. There's no similar problem with Windows Media Player, for instance. How can I fix this? It's not a big problem, but it still pisses me off.
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My birthday was yesterday. But it's not too late to shower me with pictures of Adrian Pasdar!

Joking aside, I do have some recs to share.


I don't listen to rap much, but after seeing these two vids, I began to wonder if I should try Kanye West out. The way the rich source material and the songs are combined in this vids is just really impressive.

Two Words and Jesus Walks )


Supernatural is a show about broken men, and Dean is the most broken of them all. (Although Sam is quickly catching up with him.) This is probably the reason there's less dark Dean out there than there is dark Sam and dark John - according to my experience, at least - although there should be more. These vids show why.

The Darkness in Dean and War Drums )


Clark/Lana is a controversial pairing in Smallville-fandom, and one I hated for years before I slowly warmed up to it from fifth season onward. Which I'm glad for, because I might not have given this lovely vid a chance otherwise.

Samson )
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Halloween has passed, but I don't care. Here are two creepy Heroes-vids.

Goodnight Moon, by [ profile] bradcpu

Ensemble. Possibly spoilery? )

Halloween, by [ profile] sol_se

Sylar-centric. Slightly spoilery )

Silly ETA: So I did the obligatory "Which character are you test?", and for the first time in ever, I actually scored as my favorite character. Yay? )
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So, I like vids. I like vids that disturb me. One re-rec because I'm lazy.

1) Martina, by [ profile] keewick.

Available here

Veronica Mars, Veronica-centric. Rape was a common theme in Veronica Mars, as well as something that touched Veronica herself, but the show handled the theme so terribly that it eventually lost its impact. This vids brings that impact back. Veronica is the central character in the vid, but it doesn't deal with her directly; instead it's more about the threat of rape, about walking home in the dark and hoping that nothing happens. "Knock on wood."

2) West of Her Spine, by [ profile] sweetestdrain

Available here

Dexter, Rudy-centric. Dexter is a show about a friendly neighbourhood serial killer called Dexter. Rudy is not so friendly neighbourhood serial killer. This is a vid about Rudy. I saw this vid before I ever saw the show itself, and I enjoyed it a lot despite knowing nothing about the actual canon. It's disturbing, of course, but it's about a serial killer.

3) Living Dead Girl, by [ profile] bradcpu

Notes about the vid here, the vid itself can be watched here.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Faith-centric. Faith is the fandom's favorite disturbed girl, and a lot of fanfic writers love to explore that side of her. I've seen less vids that do the same, but this vid studies her closely, using minimal amount of Buffy (the two of them are usually tied together), emphasizing her primal Slayer-side but also showing her as an object, which is what made it creepy for me: She's being watched. A powerful vid even for a non-fan.

4) Angel, by petitevanou

Available here.

Battlestar Galactica, Leoben/Kara. My BSG-knowledge isn't too comprehensive, but I know that Leoben is a Cylon, Kara should be one of his enemies, and that major mind games are being played in this vid. A nice view to sexual obsession, if you can put it that way.

5) Women's Work, by [ profile] sisabet and [ profile] sockkpuppett

Available here and here.

Supernatural, several female characters. Supernatural is a Very Masculine Show with Very Masculine Main Characters, so usually, they're saving women. So women are usually victims, and Supernatural is a little more messed up about that than some other shows. This vid shows why. A very disturbing watch, but also the most impressive vid I've ever seen in any fandom so far, and a great argument as well.
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Lex serial killer;33.1, by MaevePrym

Smallville, Lex-centric.

I believe it has become clear that I adore vids. Things like this are the reason why. Despite the fact that Lex is, like, Superman's arch nemesis, Smallville tends to restrain him a lot, but when it doesn't, he's incredible, like this video demonstrates. The clips and the song are brought together to create a wonderfully menacing atmosphere, as is fitting for a villain, and the vid is also a tribute to Smallville's consistently awesome visuals; no matter how flawed it is, Smallville has always been very pretty to watch. And so is this vid.

ETA: There's also Lana's Revenge from the same vidder, which in turn illustrates the empowerment of Lana Lang. Most of the fandom still seems to be stuck with hating her, so I welcome a fanwork that treats her with the respect she deserves.


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