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Title: Payback Starts With B
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Bela, Dean
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Summary: Even in Hell, life could sometimes be good. Written for [personal profile] liliaeth.

Payback Starts With B )

Explanation )
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Wow, it's really been some time since I actually sat down and read some fic. (Does that however mean I'm anywhere close to being started with the list of all the stuff I should check? Of course not!) But since I did, here's some recs.


Dites moi, by motchi aka [ profile] kimouski

After the S5 finale, I was desperate to see some justice for Juliet, so I requested some from [ profile] kimouski. This is Juliet after the island, trying to start her life again.

The rest here: 2 Supernatural, 1 X-Men, 1 Dollhouse/Supernatural, 1 Farscape, 2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer )

Also, a Mad Men-promo!

here )
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What's a good way to avoid thinking about real life? To think about everything else!

Dollhouse: General and Echoes )

Lost: He's Our You )

Smallville: Hex )

Supernatural: It's a Terrible Life )

Heroes: Cold Snap )
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I've been running into this meme on flist and elsewhere, so why not do it myself? Snatched from various flisters, with more lists and heart of the meme at [ profile] holiday_wishes.

The Wish List Meme )
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Trailer for Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's new show, is up, and all it makes me think of is Whedon running around screaming "Look how Eliza Dushku is FUCKED!". No thanks.

This week's Lost was pretty good, but it didn't give me any specific thoughts. This week's finales, on the other hand..

Smallville )

Supernatural )
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Random babbles about shows I follow, House, Lost, Smallville and Supernatural.

House )

Lost )

Smallville )

Supernatural )
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(Two posts from me during the same day? I'M GASPING TOO.)

Just some short musings. Squee of the week goes to Lost.

Smallville, 4.10: Persona )

Supernatural, 3.09: Malleus Maleficarum )

Lost, 4.01: The Beginning of the End )

ETA: One more X-Men-rec: Illusions, by sevenall. A "common people"-story about a girl with power to create illusions. Somewhat generic, but the last line depressed me for the rest of the day. Therefore, a warning for depressing.
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My birthday was yesterday. But it's not too late to shower me with pictures of Adrian Pasdar!

Joking aside, I do have some recs to share.


I don't listen to rap much, but after seeing these two vids, I began to wonder if I should try Kanye West out. The way the rich source material and the songs are combined in this vids is just really impressive.

Two Words and Jesus Walks )


Supernatural is a show about broken men, and Dean is the most broken of them all. (Although Sam is quickly catching up with him.) This is probably the reason there's less dark Dean out there than there is dark Sam and dark John - according to my experience, at least - although there should be more. These vids show why.

The Darkness in Dean and War Drums )


Clark/Lana is a controversial pairing in Smallville-fandom, and one I hated for years before I slowly warmed up to it from fifth season onward. Which I'm glad for, because I might not have given this lovely vid a chance otherwise.

Samson )
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Despite some glaring flaws, this was the first episode in a while that made all anxious to see what happens next since S1. So I'm going to babble. Watch out for the spoiler train!

First, a spoilery 'fuck you' to Kristen Bell/Elle-haters )

And now that the foaming is out of the way..

The Squee )

The Spork )

As far as non-Heroes things go, this Supernatural/Charlie the Unicorn-fusion breaks my brain. Apparently it broke Jared Padalecki's too, enough for him to rec it out in an interview. Also, while I doubt it was the video's intention, it made me miss Jo.
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Dear assholes of SPN-fandom... )

Rant translation: Misuse of the term Sue can't end soon enough.
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So, I'm up to date with Smallville and Supernatural now. Might as well say few things.

Smallville, 7.02: Kara )

Supernatural, 3.01: The Magnificent Seven )
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(I seem to be reccing everything these days, but hey, who cares?)

Joutsenlaulu, by Amyziel

Supernatural, Winchester gen. Fanvid to a Finnish song, translation available here.

Cut for boring babble about being Finnishingly fannish )

Bonus! Supernatural Menace, aka Supernatural meets Star Wars. A hilarious watch.
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So, vidders [ profile] sisabet and [ profile] sockkpuppett make this wonderful vid.

Women's Work

The vid highlights, very effectively, how Supernatural treats its female characters, how they're victimized, and how their suffering is emphasized and eroticized. It's very uncomfortable to watch, to the point I doubt that anyone who sees this vid would be willing to give Supernatural a chance, but it's extremely well made, and it has received a lot of well-deserved feedback.

And yet I couldn't help but notice that some of the comments seemed to say this: "It's not so bad."

That may be an extreme way to put it. However, there were comments that pointed out how men end up as victims too, and how some of the women in this vid live through their experience and are even empowered. But while those things aren't untrue, I think bringing them up is sidestepping the point. Bringing them up doesn't change the fact that Supernatural suffers from shady treatment of women. Just because there are male victims around and some women make it out alive doesn't change the fact that problem is still there.

So my question is: Does fandom want to ignore that there's a problem in their show of choice? And if they do, why?

No, my show is fine and dandy and you're just being difficult.. )


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