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What's a good way to avoid thinking about real life? To think about everything else!

Dollhouse: General and Echoes )

Lost: He's Our You )

Smallville: Hex )

Supernatural: It's a Terrible Life )

Heroes: Cold Snap )
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[ profile] shardsofblu gave me five things that remind her about me on her journal. Here are my thoughts on them.

1. Final Fantasy VII + Cloud + Tifa )

2. Batman )

3. Writing )

4. halfamoon )

5. Lana Lang )
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I have a meme to respond to, and will do that. But first, pointless thoughts!

House: Unfaithful )

Lost: 316 )

Smallville: Power and Requiem )

And finally, Whedon's new.. thing. NOT POSITIVE AT AL.

Dollhouse: Ghost )

Vid Recs

Aug. 20th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Haven't done recs in a while, so I thought I'd fix that.

Onyx, by [ profile] balistik94

Multifandom. A great tribute to black characters in movies, such as Storm from X-Men, Barret from FFVII/Advent Children and Morpheus from the Matrix-movies. Slick and stylish.

Ladies Night, by [ profile] counteragent

Another multifandom vid, this time with focus on various female characters from different shows/movies, from Buffy to Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. Professional competence is sexy, as vidder's own description goes. Fun and feel-good.

Sorry, by [ profile] keewick

Smallville, Lana-centric. Lana has a few words to say to Clark and Lex. Fantastic character study for a character who gets too much too easily in fandom's eyes, though it honestly isn't so. Stargate Atlantis-fans might also like 32 from the same post, which is a lovely vid about Teyla.
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Trailer for Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's new show, is up, and all it makes me think of is Whedon running around screaming "Look how Eliza Dushku is FUCKED!". No thanks.

This week's Lost was pretty good, but it didn't give me any specific thoughts. This week's finales, on the other hand..

Smallville )

Supernatural )
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Random babbles about shows I follow, House, Lost, Smallville and Supernatural.

House )

Lost )

Smallville )

Supernatural )
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Snow White Queen, by bohemianstar13

Smallville, Lana Lang/stalkers.longish thoughts on vid and fandom )

edit:: Second interesting vid I ran into lately was this:

Birthday, by Emong111

Ring 0, Sadako-centric. This vid is basically a summary for the movie, telling the story of how the series antagonist, Sadako Yamamura, became who she is. The vid uses a song from The Ring/The Ring Two OST, and scenes from the movie have been edited together to match the changes in the song. This was really lovely to watch, and I haven't even seen this particular movie.
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Today, I was searching for info about a Finnish voice actress and found a site about Disney's Snow White, including a section about stuff that didn't make it to the movie. Prince's role would have been.. interesting. (You don't even have to read anything. Just check the pictures.)

As for Smallville, I'm a little ranty. 7.16: Descent )
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Brief, non-spoilery thought on two latest Lost-episodes: Despite being good episodes with good stuff going on in them, I couldn't bring myself to like neither. This week's Smallville, on the other hand..

7.14: Traveler )
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(Two posts from me during the same day? I'M GASPING TOO.)

Just some short musings. Squee of the week goes to Lost.

Smallville, 4.10: Persona )

Supernatural, 3.09: Malleus Maleficarum )

Lost, 4.01: The Beginning of the End )

ETA: One more X-Men-rec: Illusions, by sevenall. A "common people"-story about a girl with power to create illusions. Somewhat generic, but the last line depressed me for the rest of the day. Therefore, a warning for depressing.
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My birthday was yesterday. But it's not too late to shower me with pictures of Adrian Pasdar!

Joking aside, I do have some recs to share.


I don't listen to rap much, but after seeing these two vids, I began to wonder if I should try Kanye West out. The way the rich source material and the songs are combined in this vids is just really impressive.

Two Words and Jesus Walks )


Supernatural is a show about broken men, and Dean is the most broken of them all. (Although Sam is quickly catching up with him.) This is probably the reason there's less dark Dean out there than there is dark Sam and dark John - according to my experience, at least - although there should be more. These vids show why.

The Darkness in Dean and War Drums )


Clark/Lana is a controversial pairing in Smallville-fandom, and one I hated for years before I slowly warmed up to it from fifth season onward. Which I'm glad for, because I might not have given this lovely vid a chance otherwise.

Samson )
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Lex serial killer;33.1, by MaevePrym

Smallville, Lex-centric.

I believe it has become clear that I adore vids. Things like this are the reason why. Despite the fact that Lex is, like, Superman's arch nemesis, Smallville tends to restrain him a lot, but when it doesn't, he's incredible, like this video demonstrates. The clips and the song are brought together to create a wonderfully menacing atmosphere, as is fitting for a villain, and the vid is also a tribute to Smallville's consistently awesome visuals; no matter how flawed it is, Smallville has always been very pretty to watch. And so is this vid.

ETA: There's also Lana's Revenge from the same vidder, which in turn illustrates the empowerment of Lana Lang. Most of the fandom still seems to be stuck with hating her, so I welcome a fanwork that treats her with the respect she deserves.
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So, I'm up to date with Smallville and Supernatural now. Might as well say few things.

Smallville, 7.02: Kara )

Supernatural, 3.01: The Magnificent Seven )
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The Chosen Ones, by [ profile] vyperman7

Smallville/Buffy The Vampire Slayer-crossover, Clark/Buffy. Vidder's comments available here.

This one isn't actually a vid, but rather a theatrical trailer for the story of Clark Kent and Buffy Summers, how they meet and fall in love and enter each other's supernatural lives. Not only is it a great treat for the fans of both shows, it also works for a non-fan as well; it constructs a reality of its own without spoiling neither shows for anybody. This is how you do a crossover, kids.
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Title: Cage And A Bird
Fandom: Smallville
Character: Lana Lang
Prompt: Smallville, Lana Lang, Stendhal syndrome
Rating: G
Words: 170
Summary: Lana comes across an unusual piece of art.

Written for Character Study Challenge.

In China, Lana sees a man sitting on the street. )
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This was originally intended for You Must've Been Kissin' a Fool-challenge, but LJ hates me and didn't allow me to make a comment. So I'll post this here.

Title: Loyalties
Fandom: Smallville/Superman Returns
Pairing: Richard White/Chloe Sullivan (sort of)
Prompt: Hope
Rating: PG
Words: 222
Summary: When Richard White enters Lois's life, Chloe hates him out of obligation.

Loyalties )


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