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It's Yuletide-reveal time, so I reveal myself as the writer of Good Year In Fucknutsville, a politics RPF fic starring Rahm Emanuel, Barack and Michelle Obama. Not my usual fandom, not my usual couple-formation form, but it has heart and soul, so I'm content with it. Should find time to hone it a little at some point, though. But here it is.

Title: Good Year In Fucknutsville
Fandom: Politician RPF
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rahm Emanuel gets to know the First Couple.
Disclaimer: The story has absolutely no contact with reality and therefore shouldn't been seen as something that has contact with reality.

Good Year In Fucknutsville )
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..and it's time for Yuletide-reveal! My story for this tear was On Fate and Flight of Time, a French Revolution RPF (or historical fic, whatever term you prefer) about Camille Desmoulins and Georges Danton during the last months of their lives. It wasn't very popular, but I think it's probably the most honed story I've ever written for Yuletide. So it should have showed on a lot more rec lists, damn it.

Title: On Fate and Flight of Time
Fandom: French Revolution
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Danton and Desmoulins share a drink while time runs out on them. Georges Danton/Camille Desmoulins.
Disclaimer: This story is not a historical fact, although it features historic people.

On Fate and Flight of Time )
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I've been waiting to post this for hours! New realm of pathetic has been reached, I'm sure.

Anyway, author reveal is on in Yuletide, so I reveal. My Yuletide-fic this year was Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore, Comics Industry RPF with subtle Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman. I'm not much of a RPF-fan myself, but since it isn't out of my writing realm, I offered a couple of RPF-fandoms this year (mostly historic, but also some actor fandoms) and ended up with Comics Industry. My biggest problem with the story turned out to be focusing on one idea only instead of wandering off to try out other ones, and the final story ended up using a lot of material from these stray ideas. As much trouble as it gave me, however, I was really fond of the story in the end. It's kinda odd. I kinda love it. So, here it is.

Title: Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore
Fandom: Comics Industry
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Friendship with Alan Moore is often perky. The story of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.
Disclaimer: The story has absolutely no contact with reality.

Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore )

To all my reviewers: Most of the comments weren't e-mailed to me, so I want to thank all those I can't reply directly to here. I'm really happy for all the feedback I got, and I'm really glad you liked the story.


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