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I've been feeling very depressed about my writing some time now (think a year WAIT HOW DID I LET THAT HAPPEN), and as a consequence I also haven't been writing much. I've been searching for ways to finally break out of that funk, and I finally found one in 750 Words.

The idea of 750 Words is what the title and the fact it's a writing-related site implies: your goal is to write 750 words every day, and you can do that on the site itself in complete privacy. You get points and badges for writing and you can get stats for each entry about how quickly you're writing, what words you use the most, what is the mood of your entry and so on. I only started using it this week but it has already succeeded in encouraging me to write every day, and given how long my funks tend to last that is a huge thing. Thanks to [personal profile] littlebutfierce for introducing this!
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Warning: The link includes triggering content. Proceed with care.

Rec behind the cut )
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The One Who Wakes, part 2, part 3, part 4

Final Fantasy VII gen, Cloud-centric. Written by [ profile] delladella, illustrated by kimouski (no longer in LJ).

Back when I did a round of FF7-recs for [ profile] crack_van my biggest regret was that I couldn't rec this story because it was a WIP, but now that WIPness is no longer the case I'm happy to rec it here. The One Who Wakes finds Cloud who is dealing with the aftermath of Zack's death and follows him on his journey to Midgar, showing how Cloud comes to be the man we saw in the beginning of the game. Not only does the story fill up one of the most mysterious holes in canon in a way that makes nothing but sense, it's also an incredible character portrait, its dark themes supported by the atmospheric art. If you want to see Cloud who is done justice (along with a certain other character), this is your story.

Plug Time

Feb. 2nd, 2010 11:43 am
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[ profile] halfamoon is on! Yay!

The Unpopular Woman Love Post is on and rollin'. Yay!

I'm offering female-centric drabbles over here. Yay!

There are also recs and fanfics and picspams (like this fabulous one about Chel from The Road to El Dorado). Yay for awesomeness!

ETA: Elton John + Lady Gaga = I like
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[profile] mrasaki, thank you so very much for the LJ coupon! It was a wonderful surprise and muchly appreciated. ♥

Meanwhile, Yuletide has been extremely kind to be this year and given me two more gifts in the Madness!

Luckiest guy in the world. is a Cal/Chloe-ficlet for Harper's Island, and it made me all soft and melty inside just all things Cal/Chloe in the show did. It's the story of how Cal decides to marry Chloe, and it's now my personal canon.

Beelzebub Has A Devil Put Aside for Me is a Secret Six-gen with Deadshot and Scandal, set right after Unhinged. Awesome Deadshot-voice and awesome look at Scandal through him. The Queen-reference in the title is an awesome little bonus.

Now, my concentration is worse than ever these days, so I probably won't do much reading this year. But here's a few recs.

First there's Sisters of Bilhah, Handmaid's Tale-fic about a woman who helps out refugees from Gilead, and about refugees she meets. Both the prose and the atmosphere are in perfect sync with the Atwood's original, only this one has a touch of hope in it.

Then we have Impetus, a Good Wife-fic about Alicia and how she gets out of Peter's shadow, and how she gets from Will and Cary to Kalinda. Beautiful and sensual character study.

a little brown haired bride is a Mad Men-fic about Peggy, about her wants and what they exactly are. It also offers some Peggy-filtered insight into Don, Pete and Duck, and it's all wonderfully spot-on.

And last but not least for this post, The Midnight Special is a Lackadaisy-fic about Mordecai and Viktor, about how Mordecai becomes wanted for murder and how he and Viktor become friends. An awesome background story for an awesome character.

ETA: And on a totally unrelated note JESUS WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING


Dec. 25th, 2009 04:28 pm
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Working on the ficlet requests, and the posting shall happen in the weekend. In the meanwhile, Yuletide has been very kind to me, and I have three stories!

The first is The Rabbit and the Hare, a Tudors-fic featuring Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell and delicious powerplay. Subtle and beautifully written, and it made miss both of the characters a lot.

The second is Eudaimonia, a Sarah Connor Chronicles-fic with James Ellison and John Henry, who discuss virtues and what they are, and it's exactly as tense as it should be. Again I found myself missing what is lost, which in this case is the entire show.

And the last but not least, the third is Begun In Wine, a Secret Six-fic in which Jeannette and Scandal meet for the first time, and it's exactly how awesome friendships should begin. Nothing like some femgen to make a holiday.

As for my own story, my recipient expressed their approval over their journal, and that makes me very happy. I have to say, though, the sheer size of Yuletide these days is starting to get a little too intimidating for me.

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Looking back on this year, I notice I've spent most of the time being upset or angry about something. I guess I should try to make amends for that.

Amend #1: Have Alma, a creepy animated short featuring dolls. Just the right thing to get into that holiday cheer with!

Amend #2: I should have got around to this weeks ago, but Yuletide beat me up. Anyway, ficlet offering time!

Give me a prompt and a pairing (threesomes and moresomes go too, but they'll probably be more on the gen side), and I'll write you a ficlet in return. The fandoms I'm most willing to do are Final Fantasy VI-IX, House MD, Merlin, Smallville, Silent Hill, Nolan's Batman-films, Lost, Supernatural and Dexter, but as usual if you know I know a fandom, you can request for it. Gen, het, slash and femslash are all a go.

Top Fives

Aug. 14th, 2009 12:39 pm
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In non-faily vein, [ profile] kimouski's poll about the Fandom Classifieds is still alive and in need of responses! She has also a fabulously evil Phoenix/Logan-drabble that people desperately need to see.

And now, the meme responses!

Top Five Fandoms )

Top Five Ships )

Top Five Things To Do When Bored )

Top Five Fanfics Of My Own )

Top Five Fanfics By Others )
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Wow, it's really been some time since I actually sat down and read some fic. (Does that however mean I'm anywhere close to being started with the list of all the stuff I should check? Of course not!) But since I did, here's some recs.


Dites moi, by motchi aka [ profile] kimouski

After the S5 finale, I was desperate to see some justice for Juliet, so I requested some from [ profile] kimouski. This is Juliet after the island, trying to start her life again.

The rest here: 2 Supernatural, 1 X-Men, 1 Dollhouse/Supernatural, 1 Farscape, 2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer )

Also, a Mad Men-promo!

here )

Essay Rec

Jul. 7th, 2009 10:12 pm
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Found via [ profile] fanficrants, A Four-Letter Word, a great essay about the use and impact of the word "slut". Written with a twinkle in the eye, although some commenters seem to misunderstand it..
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Yay, the change in the adoption law passed! Gays and lesbians can now officially adopt within the family in Finland. 108 voted for the law, 29 against it, 55 weren't present, 6 abstained, but it's through. I'm extremely happy.

(On the other hand, how the Speaker of Parliament reacted to that homosexuality = bestiality comment? "I'm sure he didn't mean it!" Sure, sure!)

Meanwhile, back in April I did a round as a reccer in [ profile] crack_van for FF7, and here's the stuff I recced. My usual tastes are obviously present, but despite mentioning him in the first post I never recced any Reeve-fic. Bad me. Links take to the rec posts.

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Feb. 3rd, 2009 10:57 pm
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Dear 2008,

Nobody wanted the fail sequel.

Short but serious LJ-linkspam )

And so that this isn't all depresso and I'm late to most cool stuff, a general link rec: is a neat site with micro horror fiction. The quality varies, but there are some really creepy pieces around.
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My awesome Yuletide-gift!

The Enemy of My Enemy

It's a Deadwood-fic starring Swearengen, Bullock and Tolliver, a gen with an undercurrent of slash in form of Swearengen/Bullock. It's written like a scene from an actual episode, and I had no trouble visualizing the entire story in my mind, or settling into Al's unique head. A real Christmas-treat, this.

More recs to come later, but I can say already now that Bible- and Fairytale-sections are once again filled with goodness, and Titanic-stories are also worth checking out. Hooray Yuletide!
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Soon on Bof Chanel: Hundred Ways Scorpius/Crichton Kicks Sephiroth/Cloud's Sorry Ass.

/things that are not going to happen

I've done some reccing at [ profile] halfamoon, which is a fourteen day challenge dedicated to female characters in fandom. It's going to last until February 14th, but since other people are faster, I'll probably be out of recs. So here's what I did.

Vid Recs: BTVS, Buffy
Vid Recs: Critical Vids
Vid Recs: Multi-fandom
Fic Recs: Bible
Fic Recs: Harry Potter
Fic Recs: Fairytales, Profit and Kill Bill
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(Two posts from me during the same day? I'M GASPING TOO.)

Just some short musings. Squee of the week goes to Lost.

Smallville, 4.10: Persona )

Supernatural, 3.09: Malleus Maleficarum )

Lost, 4.01: The Beginning of the End )

ETA: One more X-Men-rec: Illusions, by sevenall. A "common people"-story about a girl with power to create illusions. Somewhat generic, but the last line depressed me for the rest of the day. Therefore, a warning for depressing.
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I was going to recommend these two fics in [ profile] halfamoon, but then I got worried about the subject matter. So I'll put them here instead. Both these stories deal with dark themes and can be upsetting.

Catwalk, by sevenall. A misogynist fashion designer encounters Betsy Braddock. Warning for violence and rape.

Eat Your Heart Out, by sevenall. Lorna Dane has issues with her body. Warning for description of eating disorder.
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Yuletide goes on. But first, a couple of vid recs:

Bionic, by [ profile] tallulah71

Multi-fandom. Bionic is, simply put, a vid about women kicking ass and taking names. Ladies such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Jean Grey can be seen taking action here. The sheer energy in this vid made me smile for a long time after I saw it.

3 AM Call, by [ profile] shati

Heroes, Niki-centric. A wonderful character portrait of Niki Sanders, a character who is misused and abused by the show canon far more than it's fair. I love that fans seek to understand her when the writers themselves don't.

And now, a couple of more Yuletide-recs:

- Every single story in the Profit-category. They're all just that good. Help Wanted is my personal favorite.

- Everything in the Commercials-section, too. Many strange, brilliant stories there. If you want your brain to break, how about some Toucan Sam/Trix-slash? Commercial Pet Trix might be exactly what you need.

- The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down, a smart, awesome and brilliant fic for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Toons are out of work now that the "digis" have taken over. Is that enough to drive someone to murder?

- And to finish with more serious note, Five Times the Meade Brothers Lost an Argument with Their Father is an amazing Ugly Betty-fic about Bradford, Alex and Daniel, and how everything's messed up between them. Awesome look at my favorite family.


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