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It's been a while since I've done one of these, but there's no way I'm going to ignore a Fight Club-vid that is set to Britney Spears's Circus.

Circus, by genrocks

Circus seems to be a very multipurpose song for vidding, but it's still eerie how well it fits Fight Club; the song is about performing but the performer isn't really in control (I saw a great article that dealt with this more smartly, but of course I've lost the link) and Fight Club is about a guy who tries to become empowered, and the vid is all about these two things going together in perfect sync. A great two minutes of WTF.
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Overall opinion: Well, it wasn't a waste of money. But of course I'm cranky.

So. Dear Zack Snyder,

Craaaaaanky )

But, I have some real thanks to give too.

The Good Stuff )
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Buffy Tarot-cards = WANT.

So, I saw Iron Man yesterday. It was very neat. short, but spoilery thoughts )
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Snow White Queen, by bohemianstar13

Smallville, Lana Lang/stalkers.longish thoughts on vid and fandom )

edit:: Second interesting vid I ran into lately was this:

Birthday, by Emong111

Ring 0, Sadako-centric. This vid is basically a summary for the movie, telling the story of how the series antagonist, Sadako Yamamura, became who she is. The vid uses a song from The Ring/The Ring Two OST, and scenes from the movie have been edited together to match the changes in the song. This was really lovely to watch, and I haven't even seen this particular movie.


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