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I'm not much of an icon maker, but hey, sometimes you get inspired. 9 icons based on the Finnish epic Kalevala behind the cut.

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I also watched Quantum of Solace last weekend, so here's some thoughts.

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Before Casino Royale, On Her Majesty's Secret Service was my favorite Bond-movie, so when they finally showed it on TV after a bunch of Connery- and Brosnan-films, I had to see if it was as good as I remembered.

It was. In fact, as much as I love Casino Royale and have great faith in future of James Bond again, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is still the finest Bond ever made.

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After my search for Casino Royale-fic, I began to think about what other kind of Bond-fic there is out there. There's a lot of James/Alec-fic for Goldeneye, but everything else is rather non-existent. Here are some non-Goldeneye-stories that I've enjoyed:

The Nature of Redemption, by 00smut
This was written for me in yuletide two years ago. I believe I requested something with James and Scaramanga from The Man With The Golden Gun, and I was very satisfied with what I got. TMWTTG was the most lacking book in the seires, which was a pity because it was the last as well, and this story felt like a proper epilogue for the story of Bond.

Broken, Battered & Bent, by elspethdixon
A beautiful, beautiful Bond/Felix Leiter/Honey Rider-threesome which is set in the bookverse, but you don't need to know about the books to enjoy the story. It's written from Felix's POV, who gets way too little attention in the movies, and through him we get a wonderful view to the broken men that he and James, James especially, have become through their experiences. The smut is hot and fitting for the characters.

Retribution, by ffutures
A crossover with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, featuring an older James Bond as a father for a BTVS-character in a way that is more fitting than it has any right to be. I tell too much without spoiling the contents of the story, but I really liked the way the author combined two very different worlds together in a way that felt natural and right. I wouldn't mind seeing continuation for this story.

There's some nice Die Another Day-fic on on this site, along with James/Alec. As far as Goldeneye-fic goes, there are two good listings available here and here.
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I need a Bond-icon. Preferably with lots of Bond-thigh.

I can't tell yet whether or not Casino Royale will have the similar fan following as Goldeneye does, but as a fandom it has very promising start. Here are some great fics that I've stumbled upon so far:

Close Your Eyes and Think of England, by monimala
A crossover with Veronica Mars, Bond/Veronica. Nobody writes Veronica the character the way monimala does, and she has a good hold on Bond as well. A sequel, Brace Yourself Bridget, is worth reading too.

Queen of Spades, by astolat
Bond/M. I've aching to see some Bond/M ever since Brosnan's movies, and with Casino Royale, I finally got it. Fantastic characterization for both Bond and M, and a very nice view to the world they live in. There should be more delicious older woman/younger man-fic out there.

Doing the Double, by guede_mazaka
Bond/Le Chiffre, semi-noncon. I knew that the torture scene in the movie would end up inspiring some slash, so I was very glad that the first fic I stumbled on was very good one. This is set after the movie, with Le Chiffre who is alive and not so well. Bond is very cold and harsh in this one, just like he should be. Le Chiffre's character too feels real to the point that it's easy to see this story as an actual epilogue to the movie.

There's also a community, casinoroyalefic with some fic floating around. It will be interesting to see how active it's going to be.
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So, I saw Casino Royale last Friday. My initial reaction:


Now, the more coherent one:

I actually wrote a "real" review about the movie, in lines of "indeed, this is a new era for Bond-film", but it turned out rather horrible. Instead, I'll give you seven reasons why it's worth watching:



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