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Title: Issue Girls Get It Right
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Gretchen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1724
Summary: Claire and Gretchen go on a date, and things are worked out.
Notes: Written for [ profile] shopfront for winning my [ profile] help_haiti auction. Thanks to [ profile] windrider1 for looking this through!

Issue Girls Get It Right )
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What's a good way to avoid thinking about real life? To think about everything else!

Dollhouse: General and Echoes )

Lost: He's Our You )

Smallville: Hex )

Supernatural: It's a Terrible Life )

Heroes: Cold Snap )
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So here's the meme I was supposed to do earlier this week.

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

Answers )

And then some thoughts on Heroes. SPOILERS AHOY.

Heroes )
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Title: Avert
Fandom: Heroes
Prompt Word: Learn
Main Character(s): Claire
Rating: PG
Word Count: 185
Summary: It's as accidental as it can possibly be.
Authors Note: A short reaction to "Powerless", meaning there will be major spoilers.

Avert )
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Good news: As far as quality goes, this episode soared pretty high as far as S2 in general goes, and it managed to catch some of the first season's mood. There were still things I were unhappy about, but now that Heroes has time and need to make things right again, pretty much the only way to go is up.

Bad news: The things I were unhappy about were god. damn. dinosaurs.

Watch out: There are going to be capslocks. And spoilers. Squee and rage. But mostly capslocks. )

Quick thoughts about S2 in general )
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I like crossovers. I like AUs. I don't like most crossovers and AUs because they usually suck, but when they're well-done, I might as well be in heaven. Therefore these two vids with constructed realities were real treats to run into.

If We Shadows Have Offended...

House/Dead Poets Society, Wilson-centric. Wow, it's a well-done crossover! )

or, Adventures in Reading Against the Text

Heroes-gen, with focus on Claire, Niki and Monica. How to honor your show's female characters )

Now, a question: I use VCL media player to watch vids. Now, when I press "play", the vid starts playing as usual, but for some reason no matter what form it is, there is no sound for the first few seconds. There's no similar problem with Windows Media Player, for instance. How can I fix this? It's not a big problem, but it still pisses me off.
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mixed thoughts )

And the link of the week for non-Heroes fans: What fics are so impressive that you would rec them to non-fandomers to show the quality of fanfiction? I have few candidates, but some of them need to be tracked down.
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First, a random comment: Yuletide-fic finally lives and heads towards its final destination. I'm still a little lost on why I offered this specific fandom (or rather, genre) in the first place, since it usually weirds me out, but things are looking good.

As far as Heroes goes, this week, I'm unhappy.

First, allow me to voice my disappointment with Matt. )

As for the rest of the episode, it was disappointing.

more spork )

Now, the things I actually liked.. )

ETA: And now some real life hilarity! WGA Strike: A Love Story. Writers and network executives should make love, not war.
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Despite some glaring flaws, this was the first episode in a while that made all anxious to see what happens next since S1. So I'm going to babble. Watch out for the spoiler train!

First, a spoilery 'fuck you' to Kristen Bell/Elle-haters )

And now that the foaming is out of the way..

The Squee )

The Spork )

As far as non-Heroes things go, this Supernatural/Charlie the Unicorn-fusion breaks my brain. Apparently it broke Jared Padalecki's too, enough for him to rec it out in an interview. Also, while I doubt it was the video's intention, it made me miss Jo.
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Made a speech. Still recovering from shock. Surely this entitles me to some Heroes-ranting?

About Tim Kring's interview )

On non-ranty note, Greg Grunberg and Sendhil Ramamurthy have been picketing together in the writer strike. I bet Matt/Mohinder-fandom is lost in squee.
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Halloween has passed, but I don't care. Here are two creepy Heroes-vids.

Goodnight Moon, by [ profile] bradcpu

Ensemble. Possibly spoilery? )

Halloween, by [ profile] sol_se

Sylar-centric. Slightly spoilery )

Silly ETA: So I did the obligatory "Which character are you test?", and for the first time in ever, I actually scored as my favorite character. Yay? )


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