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Jul. 7th, 2009 10:12 pm
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Found via [ profile] fanficrants, A Four-Letter Word, a great essay about the use and impact of the word "slut". Written with a twinkle in the eye, although some commenters seem to misunderstand it..
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Considering that I keep a reasonably good track of my fic, I should be same with my essays. Here are the manifestos that I've written for ship_manifesto, idol_reflection and reflections_2, complete with pretentious titles.

Scratching Inside The Head: A character manifesto for Cloud Strife. Deals with the original game.

Becoming Of The Hero: Second character manifesto for Cloud Strife. Deals with On The Way To A Smile and Advent Children.

Mend This Wavering Heartbeat : A ship manifesto for Cloud/Tifa. Deals with the original game.

The Force Within: A character manifesto for Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Deals with the movies.

I saw Casino Royale a while ago, and a review is coming up either today or in a couple of days.
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You've Really Got Some Minerva, Veronica Mars

I should have an Veronica-icon which reads "Veronica Mars - Proudly Stepping on Your St. Logan". Text probably wouldn't fit, but isn't it a nice thought?
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I remember finding the first Casino Royale-trailer just a little underwhelming, but the second one had me totally excited. I believe we have next Goldeneye here.

I've been working on my stories for 50_darkfics and 30screams, but getting started with both stories was a little difficult for me because I claimed Cloud in both communities, and if any character in FFVII, it's him whose characterization is easiest to screw up. Best example of that is actually Advent Children: He had this share of issues (note the understatement) in the original game, but it was after AC when he really became Emo Superior.

In BTVS-fandom, there's a site called Campfire Tales that has a focus on dark fic, and it has essays that guide writers to write their characters right. I thought that this was a good idea, so I wrote a little Cloud-guide for myself, using the essay structure from CT.

Because you are.. a puppet - Cloud Strife and Darkfic )

Lets see if I can follow these myself..


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