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Reposting drabbles mentioned in this post after all. I like keeping track of my stuff.

Title: One Remnant Less
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Character: Terra
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: Terra notices a rip on her tights.

One Remnant Less )

Title: Her Way
Fandom: Angel
Character: Cordelia
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: Cordelia finds her way in L.A.

Her Way )

Title: Hope and Healing
Fandom: Deadwood
Character: Joanie
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: It's Deadwood where Joanie gets better.

Hope and Healing )

Title: Not a Game
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Character: Rinoa
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: The SeeDs aren't impressed with Rinoa.

Not a Game )

Title: The Gift
Fandom: Lost
Character: Juliet
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: Juliet gets home.
Warning: Spoilers for S6!

The Gift )
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So, apparently I'm in the mood to get patted on the head.


I'll also be posting a meme and other stuff in the future, but here are some drabbles I've written for this request post. Just links 'cause I'm lazy.

Final Fantasy VI, Terra, tights

Angel, Cordelia Chase, we're all pretending

Deadwood, Joanie Stubbs, mad hatters

Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa, bravery

Lost, Juliet, what she wishes she didn't know (WARNING: Spoilers for S6!)

I have few more drabbles to go for this post, then the requests for this post, then my [profile] help_haiti fic (this will be done before the former, sorry), and then I think I'm going do more writing memes. I'm trying to be on the roll this year and all.
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My birthday was yesterday. But it's not too late to shower me with pictures of Adrian Pasdar!

Joking aside, I do have some recs to share.


I don't listen to rap much, but after seeing these two vids, I began to wonder if I should try Kanye West out. The way the rich source material and the songs are combined in this vids is just really impressive.

Two Words and Jesus Walks )


Supernatural is a show about broken men, and Dean is the most broken of them all. (Although Sam is quickly catching up with him.) This is probably the reason there's less dark Dean out there than there is dark Sam and dark John - according to my experience, at least - although there should be more. These vids show why.

The Darkness in Dean and War Drums )


Clark/Lana is a controversial pairing in Smallville-fandom, and one I hated for years before I slowly warmed up to it from fifth season onward. Which I'm glad for, because I might not have given this lovely vid a chance otherwise.

Samson )


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