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Last night the office of Seta, an organization for sexual equality in Finland, was attacked. There weren't people around this time, but the windows were smashed and swastikas and other symbols of the new Nazis were painted on the walls. An article in Finnish with pictures here. The police hasn't made connections between this and the Pride-strike yet but even if it isn't this can't be good.

Fortunately, our Foreign Minister condemned the strike. Unfortunately, people are once fucking again complaining that our politicians don't care about more important things, like hetero people. There is also speculation that since the parliamentary election is coming up next year, things may get even worse. This.. doesn't bode well.

ETA: The Christian-Democratic party commenting on the attack: "Minorities should respect the values of the majority and leave the mainstream culture alone." WHAT THE FUCK

And since I'm at it I will also make this a Defriending Amnesty Day, as people call it. That day is actually on all the time in this journal, but as much as I use this journal for fannish stuff I also use it a lot for serious business too, and since I get emotional over stuff that serious business isn't going to go away. So if that's not what you're into then that's okay by me. (Just as a note, this wasn't inspired by anything specific. Just thought I'd make some stuff clear.)
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