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I tend to write ficlets and drabbles most of the time, but I'm working on getting past that, and meanwhile I keep a track of what I've done. The stories are sorted by fandom, from old to new. "Drabble" in this journal's context means 100-word story.

Latest update: 3. July 2010.

Final Fantasy VI

Slow Recoveries
She thought he was another Edgar first. [Terra/Setzer, G]

Loss and Lesson
Sabin underestimates Terra. [Terra/Sabin, PG-13]


Things We Cherish
Cyan with his family. Final Fantasy VI. [Cyan, PG]

The Unknown Treasure
There is something precious in Terra's home. [Terra/Locke, G]

new! One Remnant Less
Terra notices a rip on her tights. [Terra, G.]

Final Fantasy VII

Three Incidents In Which Cloud Isn't The Hero
Alternate link here.
Three ways Tifa and Aeris could have met. [Tifa/Aeris, R]

Plastic Promises
Barret deals with a troublemaker. [Barret, Tifa, PG]

Once Upon A Time
No comfort in the world would keep her death from hurting. [Aeris, PG]

He's not used to Scarlet being so quiet. [Reeve/Scarlet, PG-13]

Who Wants To Live Forever
50 sentences for Cloud Strife. [Hints of Cloud/Aeris, Cloud/Tifa and Cloud/Zack, and really vague hint of Cloud/Barret, PG-13]

Tifa reconstructs herself after Nibelheim. [Tifa, Johnny, Jessie, Marlene, Barret, Cloud, PG-13]
Stitched Up
Leaving The Nest
Common Ground
Cautious Living
Who Actually Are You?
An uninteresting note: This little 'verse may get more installments if the mood strikes me.

Mo(u)rning Will Come
Alternate link here.
Tifa, Aeris and a moment in the dark. [Tifa/Aeris, R]

Construction Of Faith
"My father died when I was very young, so there's only Mom and me." [Cloud, PG]

There's one constant emotion that Cloud feels for Tifa. [Cloud, implied Cloud/Tifa and Tifa/Aeris, PG-13.]

Alternate link here. Locked entry.
Aeris is dead. [Cloud, PG-13]

Like A Crack In Your Head
Alternate link here.
A tribute to Cloud Strife. [Cloud, various, PG-13]

Sometimes I Hear My Voice
After Nibelheim, Tifa learns to live again. WIP. [Tifa, various, PG-13]

A Walk
"How do we feel today?" [Cloud, Hojo, PG-13]

Virtues of Patience
He had watched, waited, obsessed...and now, she was his... [Cloud/Tifa, PG]

Last Lie.
It wasn't until she saw his eyes. [Tifa/Cloud(?), PG]

Job Benefits
It's not the freedom he loves about flying. [Cid, G]

The morning after is sour in more ways than one. [Cloud, Tifa, G]

The Friendly Touch
Aerith is touchy with everybody but Tifa. [Tifa/Aerith, G]

Match Making
When he introduced Tifa to Sephiroth, he didn't think much of it. [Zack/Tifa/Sephiroth, AU, PG-13]

Practice Makes A Man
Cloud practices whistling. [Cloud, Tifa, G]

The Next Level
Barret never thought of Tifa as his daughter. But he tried. [Barret/Tifa, G]

There's a stray dog in Nibelheim. [Cloud, PG]

Cloud holds on to his SOLDIER-identity. [Cloud, G]

Leaving a Trace
Aerith goes to look at the gondola for the last time. [Cloud/Aerith, G]

A group of SOLDIERS visit Nibelheim, and one of them talks to Tifa. Slight AU. [Zack & Tifa, G]

Independence Day
Sephiroth finds a meaning for his life. [Sephiroth, PG]


The Most Beautiful
Aeris loves Tifa's hair. [Tifa/Aeris, PG]

Pass The Legacy
When he's old, Cloud puts his swords on sale. [Cloud, Tifa, PG]

Tifa waits for a phone to ring. [Tifa, G]

For Future Reference
Cloud keeps secrets. [Cloud, Zack, Aeris, G]

Cloud is eighty-five years old, Tifa is eighty-four. [Cloud/Tifa, PG]

Paying Respects
Cloud visits Icicle Inn. [Cloud, PG]

Easy Living
Cloud and his job choice. [Cloud, PG]

Nanaki celebrates his birthday. [Nanaki, PG]

Cafeteria Talk
Edie sits in the cafeteria. [OFC, PG]

The Next Step
Tifa had been ready. [Cloud/Tifa, PG-13]

Don't Speak
"Words aren't the only way to show your feelings." [Cloud/Tifa, PG-13]

Saving Of Face
Yuffie isn't having fun at the Gold Saucer. [Cloud/Yuffie, G]

Barret tries to be a good father. [Barret, Marlene, G]

In the Noon
Hojo's son comes to visit him at work. AU. [Cloud, Hojo, G]

Little Fears
Aerith tries to adjust to life in slums. [Aerith, G]

Cloud gets Aerith back. AU. [Cloud/Aerith, PG-13]

The Fine Art Of Moving On
Cloud liked being alive. [Cloud, G]

A Little Help From My Friends
Young Reeve as a friend who looks after him. [Reeve, Cait, G]

Self Worth Is Overrated
She used to know she wasn't a compromise. [Tifa, G]

What You Hear
Hearing the dead is natural for Aerith. [Aerith, G]

Seeking Purpose
Aerith hasn't figured out the White Materia yet. [Aerith, G]

The Right Thing
Reeve pays his respects to Scarlet. [Reeve/Scarlet, G]

Drawn In
How a scientist falls. [Lucrecia, G]

Final Fantasy IX

Forge Anew
Steiner, Beatrix, first date. Starting new lives. Final Fantasy IX. [Steiner/Beatrix, PG]

Caution And Other Things
Hilda hasn't seen anything like Kuja before. Final Fantasy IX. [Kuja/Hilda, PG]

Going Home
Zidane is going home. [Zidane/Dagger, G]

The Decent People
Steiner tries to switch off duty. [Steiner/Beatrix, G]

Once a Thief
Zidane has hard time letting old habits go. [Zidane/Dagger, G]


Hilda doesn't forgive yet. [Cid/Hilda, Kuja/Hilda, G]


Classified Info
Remy is curious about death. House PD. [Remy, Amber, G]

Cuddy copes during zombie infestation. House PD. [Cuddy, G]

I Respond To Thirteen (Profile of Remy Hadley)
Nobody knew Remy, least of all Remy herself. [Foreman/Thirteen + others, PG-13]

Wilson invites House and Cuddy to a dinner. Of course it's a mistake. [Wilson/Amber, House/Cuddy, PG]

Just Desserts
House and Cuddy want to enjoy Cuddy's pie. [House/Cuddy, G]


new! Duty Addict
Lisa loves being the boss. [Cuddy, G.]



Minor Sacrifice
Caesar forgets Servilia. [Caesar, PG]

Wound Has Closed
For years, there has been a rock in Vorena's heart. [Vorena, Vorenus, PG]

Fragile Beginnings
Niobe on the early days of her marriage to Vorenus. [Vorenus/Niobe, PG]

The day she was wed, Jocasta saw a funeral pyre in her husband. [Posca/Jocasta, PG]

Star Wars

Moment Of Ease
Kit and Aayla ignore ghosts for one night. [Kit/Aayla, PG-13]
Gift to [ profile] kimouski

Safety Measures
"I have a secret," Aayla said. [Kit/Aayla, PG]


While The Celebration Goes On
Han doesn't get his private time. [Han, Luke, Leia, PG]

Threepio, Artoo and mimicry of human feelings. [Threepio, Artoo, G]


Alternate link here.
When Richard White enters Lois's life, Chloe hates him out of obligation. Smallville/Superman Returns. [Richard/Chloe, PG]


Good Morning
"Jayne has a boy in his bunk." Firefly/Final Fantasy VII. [Jayne/Cloud, PG]

Cloud believes. Farscape/Final Fantasy VII. [Cloud, Scorpius, PG]

After the Life
The Promised Land isn't what Aeris expected. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Final Fantasy VII. [Buffy, Aeris, G]

Lost Chances
A soldier catches Sephiroth's eye. Firefly/Final Fantasy VII. [Sephiroth, Zoe, PG]

Step to Recovery
Somebody is going to challenge Zell to a fight. Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII. [Squall/Tifa, G]


Becoming Immortal (Starring Bela Lugosi As Mentoring Spirit)
Alternate link here.
"After Bela's death, Ed gets a little lost." Ed Wood. [Ed, Bela, PG-13]

Alternate link here
Peter was not invulnerable. Spiderman-movies. [Peter/MJ, PG-13]

And The City Is Full of Light
Alternate link here
Batman isn't the only one on a mission. Batman Begins. [Gen, PG-13]

Ten Scenes from Friendship with Alan Moore
Alternate link here.
Friendship with Alan Moore is often perky. The story of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. RPF, Comic Industry. [Gaiman/Moore, PG-13]

On Fate and Flight of Time
Alternate link here.
Danton and Desmoulins share a drink while time runs out on them. French Revolution RPF. [Danton/Desmoulins, PG-13]

Good Year In Fucknutsville
Alternate link here.
Rahm Emanuel gets to know the First Couple. Politician RPF. [Barack Obama/Michelle Obama/Rahm Emanuel, PG-13]


After she got out of the hospital, Cynthia began to wear white more often. Silent Hill 4. [Henry/Cynthia, PG-13]

Cage And A Bird
Alternate link here.
Lana comes across unusual piece of art. Smallville. [Lana, G]

It's as accidental as it can possibly be. Heroes. [Claire, PG]

Stopping By
Jean stops by. X-Men Comics. [Logan/Jean, PG]

Beecher doesn't know what to do. Oz. [Beecher/Schillinger, Beecher/Keller, Beecher/OMC, R]

Struggles Unknown
Rachel Dawes was somebody who tried. Nolanverse. [Rachel, Vicky, PG]

Tease and Court
Joker and his doctor connect. Nolanverse. [Joker/Harley, PG]

On A Breather
Sawyer has a bottle of lotion. Lost. [Sawyer/Juliet, G]

The Show
There is a camera in the roof. Lost. [Sayid/Juliet, R]

new! Issue Girls Get It Right
Claire and Gretchen go on a date, and things are worked out. Heroes. [Claire/Gretchen, PG.]


A Shadow Is Cast
"It's just a painting." Final Fantasy VIII. [Rinoa, PG]

new! Her Way
Cordelia finds her way in L.A. Angel: The Series. [Cordelia, G.]

new! Hope and Healing
It's Deadwood where Joanie gets better. Deadwood. [Joanie, G.]

new! Not a Game
The SeeDs aren't impressed with Rinoa. Final Fantasy VIII. [Rinoa, G.]

new! The Gift
Juliet gets home. Lost, written before series finale. [Juliet, G.]

new! Across the Universe
Chiana dreams. Farscape. [Chiana, G.]

new! Rendezvouz
Debra finds her first gun. Dexter. [Debra, PG.]

new! Partings
Priya and Adelle return to the house. Dollhouse, set after series finale. [Priya & Adelle, G.]

Original Fiction

A Business Man Gets A Daughter
A background story for a NaNoWriMo-story that never happened. Locked entry.

Rants/Meta (AKA "Pretentious Titles + Me = OTP!")

The Force Within: A character manifesto for Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Deals with the movies.

Unpopular Opinions About Final Fantasy: This one's actually an capslocky rant post, but if you want honest thoughts about Final Fantasy-fandom this would be it. Warning for language and frustration.

Cloud Strife

Cloud from FFVII is one of my favorite characters of all time, so I've done tons of stuff about him.

Scratching Inside The Head: A character manifesto for Cloud Strife. Deals with the original game.

Becoming Of The Hero: Second character manifesto for Cloud Strife. Deals with On The Way To A Smile and Advent Children.

Mend This Wavering Heartbeat : A ship manifesto for Cloud/Tifa. Deals with the original game.

How To Write A Dark Cloud: Some thoughts about how Cloud should be written, also with some thoughts on Casino Royale from time it wasn't out yet.

Emo Cloud Must Die: Another angry rant, but this is basically about how I feel about fanon!Cloud.

Characterization Essay: Cloud Strife: Big damn post about Cloud as a character.

Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Picspam about what I consider Cloud's defining moment.
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