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Title: Five Times Aeryn Said Thank You
Fandom: Farscape
Characters: Aeryn, others
Rating: G
Words: 439
Summary: Five times Aeryn said thank you. Written for [personal profile] merfilly.

1. "Thank you, Captain Crais," Aeryn whispers, on a runaway Leviathan, surrounded by criminals, all her life over and done with, "Thank you so much."

2. "Thank you."

She dropped something and D'Argo gave it back, and the words slip out before she realizes it. D'Argo nods and walks away without a word, unaware of how Aeryn's world just changed. Gratitude is something she has never given lightly, never for anything small; Peacekeepers should handle everything on their own. This is the first time she has said thank you without thinking, and D'Argo has no idea.

Or so she believes; when they see each other again later, Aeryn is still amazed, and D'Argo's eyes are knowing when she meets them. D'Argo nods, and Aeryn smiles to herself as he leaves.

"Thank you."

3. Everything is all right, but Aeryn still has something to say.

"Please tell Moya I'm sorry."

She wants to say she's not that person anymore, but that's not true. She was Aeryn then too, and although she has changed her actions and capability still remain. She slayed Moya's original Pilot and she has to apologize for it. She looks into Pilot's eyes and sees that he understands.

"Moya forgives you," Pilot replies, his voice soft; Aeryn knows it means Moya has forgiven him too. Her throat feels tight, but she adds anyway:

"I also apologize to you, Pilot."

His eyes answer her before his voice does.

"All is forgiven."

Peacekeepers are never sorry, so they don't understand what it means to be forgiven. Aeryn is glad that she isn't a Peacekeeper anymore.

"Thank you."

4. She shouldn't be here, shouldn't be alive when soon, Zhaan won't be. But the sacrifice has been made, and Aeryn has to respect it. Zhaan's eyes are peaceful when Aeryn goes to see her, but that only makes it worse.

"Thank you for bringing me back." Her eyes are hot and wet and she can barely make out Zhaan's smile. "I'm sorry."

"I'm not," Zhaan says, and draws Aeryn into her embrace. Aeryn presses her face to Zhaan's neck and breathes long and deep, as if that will make everything all right. It doesn't. She thinks about how much worse she will feel when Zhaan dies.

"I'll never forget this," she whispers, and her voice is barely there. But it is, and she's making a promise. Her heart sets to determination. "I will honor you."

She never forgets.

5. She touches her son's cheek and nose, the palm of his tiny hand. His fingers hold onto hers. "Thank you," she says.

"You're welcome," John says back, and Aeryn closes her eyes as she leans into his arms.

Title: Five Things About Zhaan
Fandom: Farscape
Characters: Zhaan, others
Rating: PG
Words: 157
Summary: Five things about Zhaan. Written for [personal profile] merfilly.

1. Had there been no Chiana or Stark, she and D'Argo could have been lovers.

2. She finds Rygel frustrating, but she also knows than in some ways nobody is as alike her as he is, with that same ruthless streak, with that understanding that it's the goal that matters.

3. Of all her teammates, it's Aeryn who is the greatest wonder in her eyes. Should she ever question that, all she needs to do is to remember that Aeryn apologized to Rygel, and she never did.

4. Stark is always anxious, always restless; nobody is surprised that Zhaan is the only one who can calm him down. What nobody knows that it's Stark who calms Zhaan down, Stark who drives her demons away.

5. For all her life, the only things she feared were madness and death; she has defeated the former, and now that she has given her life for Aeryn, she knows she will meet the latter without fear.
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